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Police Fires Hot Water On Protesters As They Chase Them Out Of Ejura By The Ejura Youth - Video

Now things are getting out of hand in our country as the peaceful Ghana we have is becoming thing of the past. A peaceful protest has resulted in a brutal killing of some youth form Ejura which is very sad for a well known peaceful country to ended up this way.

As we all know the military and police are there to protect the citizens in our country but has now turn their back against their own people by fighting the citizens with gun and other weapons. The military took the matters into their own hand and shot the youth who are planning a peaceful protest leading to the death of some innocent Ghanaian.

According to another video on social media Ejura youth were spotted chasing the police out of the town. In the video the youth of Ejura were spotted throwing stones and other materials on the police car as they chase them out of the town.

The police also sprays hot water on the youth to scare them form throwing stone and coming close to their vehicle. It seems the youth of Ejura are very angry of what happen during the protest and that was the reasons why they have also decided to chase the police out of the town with stones.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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