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Fresh Twist: Rhodaline’s Best Friend Unveils What She Knows Surrounding Her Friend’s Kidnapping Case

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The recent heartbreaking news concerning the kidnapping of the lands commission employee, Mrs Rhodaline Darko has undoubtedly sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms as the prime suspect who happens to be the husband of the victim has been remanded into police custody after being arraigned before the court at Asokwa in the Ashanti region.

Even though there has been series of countless allegations concerning the kidnapping of the victim, Mrs Rhodaline and the unexpected arrest of the victim’s husband, Dr Wilberforce Aggrey, recent revelation by the victim’s best friend has undoubtedly raised lots of concerns as most Ghanaians have began blaming Dr Wilberforce Aggrey for his wife’s kidnapping some few months back.

Speaking in a recent interview with Citi News, Richess Okai who happened to be the best friend of the victim, Rhodaline Darko took the privilege to reveal all the secrets behind her friend’s kidnapping and other related issues relating to Dr Wilberforce’ arrest.

According to Richess Okai, she had been friends with the victim, Mrs Rhodaline for almost 15 years as the unexpected news concerning her best friend’s kidnapping undoubtedly came as a huge surprise to her.

Richess Okai highlighted that, Mrs Rhodaline and her husband had been married for almost 8 years and even though they had some issues with their marriage, the victim never discussed the her challenges with her until things finally began getting out of hand.

According to Richess Okai, the husband of the victim initially accused her wife of being infertile aside adding that, Rhodaline was involved in unexpected dealings with a Nigerian man.

Dr Wilberforce Aggrey added that, he had evidence to prove his claims but never made it public with the intention of protecting his marriage.

Surprisingly, Richess Okai also revealed that, Dr Wilberforce Aggrey had been tracking his wife’s car without the knowledge of the victim but she later figured it out after noticing certain suspicious behaviors portrayed by her husband.

Rhodaline’s best friend later revealed that, Dr Wilberforce Aggrey informed her that, her wife had been kidnapped aside alleging that, the Nigerian man could be behind his wife’s disappearance considering the impromptu business trips Mrs Rhodaline started embarking on.

Surprisingly, Richess Okai later revealed that, even though Dr Wilberforce claimed the Nigerian man had kidnapped his wife, he wasn’t sure of his allegations considering how the suspect’s statements weren’t consistent as he unexpectedly kept claiming that, his kidnapped wife was fine and just to mention but a few.

Do you think that, Dr Wilberforce Aggrey could be behind his wife’s kidnapping considering recent revelations by the victim’s best friend, Richess Okai even though most Ghanaians claim otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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