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Two Gay Men Caught In Their Car Doing Unthinkable Things

LGBTQ debate is hot like a furnace as everybody is including his or her voice to it. Whether to criminalize it or depart them to do their element is the problem which is bothering a lot of Ghanaians at the moment. 

There have been many of professors and well-educated human beings who have confused on it that criminalizing LGBTQ will only promote hate and homophobic acts in Ghana.

A video trending on social media capture two men doing unthinkable things in the middle of the road. The video has surprise many social media users, as no one assumed they can boldly practice the LGBTQI in the middle of a road. 

In the video, you would see a car moving slowly on a secluded road towards a saloon car parked in front of them as a lady drives slowly. No one can tell why they have decided to be driving slowly and be recording the road as they drive. 

The lady drove pass the parked car and reversed at the suspicion of what she might have suspected, she met two guys at the back of the car doing unthinkable things. The lady recorded the whole scene could be heard asking whether this is Ghana. 

An unknown man came around and dragged the two guys from the car. The two guys tried to explain that their car was spoiled, and they are trying to fix it, but it seems that the man would not listen to that. They dragged them out of the car and gave them some serious beating.

Click the link below to watch the video

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