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Judicial Service should Trail former Government appointee's in court for corruption charges

Africa needs to follow suit, after South Africa jailed their former leader for contempt. He was asked to come to court on the charges of corruption, upon not showing up a higher court in the country has jailed him 15 months for contempt. He being trailed for corruption charges is a good step to strengthen the economy of the country, and a great tool to fight corruption in the country. It is time for Africa to follow suit and end corruption among leader's, here in Ghana leader's are usually not accountable for their works. This has affected the country, in so many ways. As we speak now as a result of a poor and bad contract signed the country, has to pay over $170 million to GPGC.

Former leaders if questioned in and out of office by the FBI, CIA or BNI this would strengthen the country. Ghana is drowning in dept and corruption is also killing us as civilian's, we guess it's time that Ghana decides to made a change in their leadership. If leaders are investigated after leaving office, this would put fear in other leaders as well so as government appointee's. This would be the perfect way in fighting corruption of the current president is truely ready to end corruption as he says. Under the former president, millions of cedis and dollars were spent wrongly, he should be held accountable for them so as his appointee's.

Any body found guilty of an act of corruption, should be charged and imprisoned he/she would serve as a scape goat to the new law. The CIA and BNI is an independent body so this should be their main priority to help the country move on. The judicial service being an independent body as well, should be able to prosecute leaders or any government appointee if found guilty. The better country, our forth father's left for us would be back to it's best. The chief justice should be able to make this happen so as the president.

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