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Moses Foh-Amoaning states his stand on lgbtq after seeing a woman marry a dog

One of Ghana’s well celebrated and appreciated lawyers has stated his stands on the lgbtq or same sex marriages that is becoming a thing in this country.

The reason why these practices have been stopped is not because the individuals practicing it are not loved or not treated as humans.

But rather, this is due to the fact that these people are seen as possible influences on the destruction of the basic human sexual rights in the country and around the globe.

Their interpretation of how a man and a woman should be related to each other sexually is what remains a threat to the communities and to the entire country since they are capable of bending a law of nature.

Most of them have been chased out from their homes and have been insulted or hooted at but from what lawyer Moses is saying, this is a dangerous incident than what Ghanaians think it is.

During his interview in the good evening Ghana show with Paul Adom Otchere, he declared his stand on the practice and said that this is a western culture that we are trying to inculcate into our people and our laws.

Lawyer Moses said that the reason why the country is fighting against these practices is because we all know this is not how nature works. And the reason why they earlier did it in the dark and were shy about it and scared was because they know that it’s not right.

He stated clearly that he is not in support of this and shouldn’t be allowed. A video played during the program further forced him to say that the reason why most people especially in Ghana are forcing for the legalization is because of influence.

He said the influence of western culture and the desire of the ordinary Ghanaian to do what the white man is doing is what is bringing these problems and we should start fighting against it.

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