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It Is Too Worrying: Why All This Gear For Unarmed Picketers?

A couple of citizens went picketing at the Efua Sutherland Park to protest against the muck that's annually exposed by the Auditor-General's Report respectively, which sees no attempt to change the status quo.

They are incensed by the continuing disinterest of the Auditor-General in using his surcharging powers to ensure that every year Ghanaians don't lose billions of dollars through institutionalized larceny.

They are not in any public pay role. They are folks awake to the reality that the same politics as usual; the increasing levels of despondency entail a danger for our democracy and the quality of the lives we will live in this democracy. 

They are hoping that their picketing moves otherwise lethargic institutions to act differently. But why all this gear for unarmed picketers? Our police are becoming increasingly militarized under this Fourth Republic.

Ironic that the Fourth Republic initially consolidated through protests (Kume Preko in particular) has become quite averse and sensitive to them.

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