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34-year old man to face trial for murdering his 'Best Friend' - Mampong Police

34-year old man to face trial for murdering his 'Best Friend' - Mampong Police

The Mampong Police Divisional Command of the Ghana Police Service has hinted that Malik Abdul, who is seen seated at the right side of the above picture, will face the Mampong Courtroom tomorrow morning for his crimes committed on Friday 28 May 2021. Speaking on Kesben Media this morning, the police officer Seth Yaw Obeng stressed that, Malik will be arranged before the court tomorrow because of unfinished investigations into the case.

Case Briefing 

Malik Abdul is a 34-year old man who is also the best friend of the deceased Kwame Anokye. Kwame Anokye and Malik Abdul have been friends for over thirty years and it was this long term friendship agreement between them, that made Kwame Anokye call for a celebration of their friendship. Kwame on February 24, 2021, called Malik to go out and celebrate but Malik who was without money at the time, begged his best friend to reschedule the celebration until he gets enough money.

Kwame in goodwill, postponed the celebration until 22 May when Malik called him for a pork festival party. Malik had just finished a working contract which was given to him by one Pentecost elder at Nkra, a community within Mampong. Kwame Anokye and Malik agreed to have their pork party on Thursday the 27 day of May. They celebrated their friendship with full roasted pork and beers they bought from a local drinking spot. It was at the drinking bar where they were celebrating their long year's of friendship, that one drunk man angered Kwame Anokye.

A drunkard who had consumed over 7 bottles of beer, made comments about how Malik lured Kwame Anokye's ex-wife with money and had his way with the woman which eventually lead to the collapse of marriage between Kwame Anokye and the wife. Kwame after hearing the information from the drunkard went on accusing his friend Malik of sabotaging his marriage and making him a divorced man.

The two ended up fighting each other at the bar on the night of 27 May. Bar attendees and bar operators were able to restrain Kwame Anokye from beating Malik to death. Malik was drunk and couldn't stand the blows from his friend Kwame Anokye. Kwame Anokye left the party after he was prevented from beating Malik to death over the comments made by the drunk man on his failed marriage.

Malik on the next morning, Friday the 28 day of May, stormed the house of Kwame Anokye to demand answers on why he had a swollen face. Kwame Anokye after explaining his actions to Malik, angered Malik why he Kwame Anokye should blamed him for his failed marriage. Malik who should have controlled his anger after Kwame Anokye apologised, did no such thing and took a wooden stool which was resting on the edge of Kwame Anokye's kitchen and stroke his head with the stool.

Kwame Anokye fell to the ground and died on the spot. Malik after murdering his best friend on Friday morning, took to his heels and went to Mankranso for safety. Mampong police together with Mankranso Police, was able to work after someone hinted at the whereabouts of Abdul Malik. Malik was arrested on Monday 31 May and will be arranged before the Mampong municipal court tomorrow morning for murdering his best friend Kwame Anokye.  

Picture above is Kwame Anokye the deceased

Picture of Malik on the right and Kwame on the left.

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