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A ram has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for headbutting a woman to death in South Sudan

Africa Facts Zone has posted a controversial story which gets people wondering about how the African systems have been structured. The things we see and hear on this continent is quite weird and each and every day never ceases to amaze us.

I never knew animals could go to jail after encountering this issue and I am quite shocked. According to Africa Facts Zone, a ram in South Sudan has been sentenced to as many as 3 years in prison. It's offence is that, it headbutted an innocent woman leading to her demise.

I wonder if there is a prison for animals over there or if the ram is going to be in a human prison. Why would people even go to court over such an issue? I mean, animals shouldn't be expected to be responsible for certain stuff since their brains ain't developed like humans.

The police said they arrested the ram instead of the owner because the owner is innocent which I strongly agree. According to the court's ruling, after serving the jail term, the ram will then belong to the victim's family. I wonder if it will be alive by then.

Also, the ram's owner will give 5 cows to the victim's family as compensation. For that, I do agree one hundred percent. Do you think this was the right call by the court?

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