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Modern slavery still exist: These countries have the largest number of people in modern slavery.

Slavery was abolished centuries ago, however modern slavery continues.

Modern Slavery is slavery that is presently happening as we speak. Which includes forced hard labour or any kind of labour with little or no pay, force to be a sex worker, being stripped all your human rights, trafficking, child marriage etc. Specifically speaking anything of forceful nature without the consent and agreement of the other party is and can be labeled as Modern Slavery.

According to Global Slavery Index these are Countries With the largest number of people In modern slavery:

With three (3) African countries emerging in the list namely;

1. Nigeria with 1.3 million people(5th Globally).

2. Democratic Republic Of Congo with 1 million people(8th Globally).

3. Ethiopia with 610 000 thousand people(13th Globally).

It's a confronting reality that even in the present day men, women and children all over the world remains victims of modern slavery. The saddest aspect of this modern slavery is that most people don't know that they are actually in it. 

Share your thoughts on how modern slavery can be stopped and what is the main cause of modern day slavery?

NB: Source (Global Slavery Index)

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