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Ongoing Protests In Europe To Stop Russia From Bloodshed In Ukraine

There is currently an ongoing protest against the activities of Russia. A lot of Protesters in two European countries are on the streets to support Ukraine and force Plutin to stop his consistent bloodshed in Ukraine.

Protesters in Germany and United Kingdom are on the streets of their capital cities to show their support towards the people of Ukraine and also speak against the current activities of the leader in Russia.

Photo Credits: Simplifier - Berlin Protesters

In Germany, the streets of Berlin have been occupied with protesters to support Ukraine. They are doing this by rallying with the flags of Ukraine in order to signal their support for Ukraine.

In Berlin, Protesters have raised notices that speak against war and the unacceptable act of the president of Russia. A Few of the notices raised by Protesters in Berlin are " PUTin STOP THE BLOOD" and "Stop War!".

The significance of writing these posts in English whiles protesting in Germany is for the protesters to easily communicate to the international community, while they chant in German Deutsch.

Photo Credits: Simplifier - London Protesters

In London, most protesters have raised the flag of Ukraine up high with the flag of the United Kingdom. This is to signify their support to the people of Ukraine. Also, most protesters in London have notices raised and these notices are not different from that of the notices in Berlin.

Meanwhile, in London, there is a lot of Chanting on the Phrase "STOP THE BLOODSHED".

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