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Growing Money On The Trees Of Social Media In The Midst Of Digital Activism

Digital activism or the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media, email, and even podcast for various forms of activism to enable faster and more effective communication is definitely on the rise. People who have learned to use digital activism well to take advantage of the opportunities available have become very successful in creating steady streams of revenue and incomes for themselves and perhaps their families

As huge as the opportunities may be, it seems that in Ghana, people are not exactly awakening to the numerous opportunities that digital activism presents. People buy 10,000 Ghanaian cedi phone and sit in the comfort of their homes without clothing sometimes to just rain the most unpalatable words they can find on their fellow human being. And strangely enough, the people who are being insulted also respond in an equal measure using the same modus operandi

Whilst they do that people who are awakened to the opportunities available are earning thousands if not millions through youtube, or creating services or products that they can sell through social media to make money and something out of their lives in other to be a blessing to others

Life is short, no one is guaranteed or promised tomorrow, whilst we get the opportunities, let us use them well. Let us get hooked to things that will make us a blessing to others and secure the chance for a second chance at life on this earth in paradise. Evil is easy, wickedness is easy even stupid death is easy because you will find some demonic coward who will be willing to test his demons on you for money rituals, or fun. So let us do the difficult ones. Let us seek to be a blessing amid evil and wickedness

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