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Parade protest


Ghanaians Protest Against LGBTIQ+

Both young ghanaian youth quarrel and argue about the trending lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual.They see that such morals do not correspond to the noms of our country and to be abolished and not accepted by the ruling government. They protest as at now that such behavior should not even be debated or voted on but should be abolished immediately they go on by referring the late president John Fifi I Atta Mills at one of the presidents who prevented this from occurring by saying just "NO" without thinking twice about it but for the current government has to seek for a vote to assert their decisions.

They say that they don't have any problem with it but what matters is what if "the vote casted goes for LGBTIQ+" this has caused a very serious misunderstanding between both ruling parties that is NDC and NPP. They therefore advice all Ghanaians to stand firm and say "NO" when it comes to us.

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Ghanaians LGBTIQ+


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