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#Justice For Caleb Kudah: Opinion

The journalist Caleb Judah from Citi tv arrest case didn't go pretty well for him. In his defense, what he did wasn't that much of a big deal. And if you look into his story, you could totally see that he was flawless and had not done anything bad.

And because of what they (police) assumed, he was badly hurt. This isn't something you just talk about and forget, I mean if the police officials had given him a chance to explain, this all wouldn't have happened.

All this is what has lead me to this question, is this what we call peace? If it is, then it is not right at all. I mean how can you treat a person in such manner, it is just not imaginable.

This really is something that needs to be solved because, police officials shouldn't be allowed to treat a citizen like that. It isn't because of their post and power, that gives them the right to mistreat people and look down on people.

We are all citizens of this country and everyone has rights. Those official's who treated Caleb in such a manner, don't deserve to be called policemen. We do not need such people to stand for the country. And if that's the case, what's then the need for freedom of speech.

While the officials wouldn't even listen to a word the journalist had to say. They didn't even let him explain for his actions, and we say these people are law enforcement personnel's.

What if he (Caleb Kudah) had suffered great injury, what then would have happen? All this is why our country is suffering. Caleb needs justice for what has been done to him, and those people who hurt him should be dealt with. It's still impossible for me to believe that, those are the people we've trusted to ensure peace in our country.

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