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Photos Of African Men Carrying White Folks In A Chair Causes Slavery Debate On Social Media

The history of slavery is a bitter subject for the black race all over the world because of how their ancestors were treated with disdain, pain, and disgust.

The black race has come very far since the ages of the slave trade and they keep striving to go further. Irrespective of the systematic racism, stigma, and stereotypes still on the black race.

Therefore it was not much of a surprise when a lot of black folks expressed their frustration upon seeing African men carrying some white folks in a chair. Images of the event surfaced on social media not long ago but the reception has been tremendous. This goes to prove how sensitive the subject of race is, due to historical data.

However, clarification emerged to explain that the African men in the image carrying the white folks in chairs did it as a profession and not as some special treatment. They charge money for carrying and charge their fellow African brothers for the same reason all the time.

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