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Why should a demonstration becomes an act of brutality

One of the things that bring peace and harmony to a particular country is having the desire to express your thoughts on some things that baffle your mind and you don't understand.

Arise Ghana youth demonstration has been the talk in town and it has become a global issue of discussion. It is known globally that Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and Africa, it is considered the gateway to Africa. Democracy is freedom of expression and in the act of expressing one's thoughts, you make sure to avoid chaos, because "demonstration can be done without chaos." If the demonstration turned out to be violent and brutality and properties are destroyed it delays the progress in the country. No demonstration is ever done without seeking the guidance of personnel who can ensure your security and safety, but in the matter whereby instructions are rendered futile, force may be applied. That is what happened in today's demonstration. And any time force is applied, brutality is also enforced and people are wounded.

This kind of act is not known in a land of peace like Ghana. Even the tongue and the teeth do fight, and yet they are the best companions. The chaos that emerged from today's demonstration is whose fault, the guard or the protesters? One Ghana needs peace and harmony. Thank you for reading.

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