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Kenneth Ashigbey, a Rare Voice Of Right Conscience, Candour and Leadership In Ghana.

Kenneth Ashigbey, is the Chief Servant of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunication an industry association and a private initiative by the mobile network operators in Ghana. The Chamber is an advocacy institution established to help direct telecommunications policy, legislation and regulation, and pursue research towards the development of telecommunications.

Kenneth Ashigbey may well be the one of few men, whose voice, has not be blinded by power and the millions of cedis, in circulation, as in my candid opinion, he has shown consistency, from the national discourse on LGBT and also on the galamsey fight, as it persists.

As the galamsey debate and fight rages on, one must recognize that, he literally lead the Ghana media fight against the menace. Currently, his views on the burning of excavators is that, it is t right. He has also been vocal all this while, about the supposed powerful people behind this menace and has called on leadership to make decisive steps and decision, to nub this illegality, as clearly, our water bodies and forest reserves have since been degraded.

In his Facebook post, see these ones, that inarguably indicates that, he has a stand, that is indicative of a right conscience and candour:

1 "God bless our homeland Ghana"

2 "ABLEKUMA CENTRAL GUN SHOOTING COURT TRIAL - Gentle reminder of the scheduled court hearing at *Circuit Court 4* between Collins Quarcoo (Alias Kola) and the State regarding the Ablekuma Central Collation Centre Gun shooting Incident. The victim includes a journalist.

Court: *Circuit Court 4* The former Fast Track Court Building

Please let's talk about it today, send reporters to cover that proceedings in court and throw light on the happening. Let's take note that now the suspect is is now on bail. The case has been adjourned several times already because we are told the judge is not well. We need a lot of light on this & other cases involving media attacks & other venerable persons." #JournalismIsNotACrime #AttackOnMediaIsAttackOnAll #Justice4All

3 The Association of African Albinos has excommunicated Lawyer Moses Foh-Amoaning for his stance against (LGBTQ)

He wrote, "They can keep their association, we with Moses would preserve our culture, our traditions, values & all. Moses is not preaching hate against anyone. When people have a condition you help them overcome it. You do not seek to push the abnormality down on our throats as normal. Who is defining human rights for us? Human rights cannot be a global phenomenon that does not take context into consideration."

Kenneth is a giant, when it comes to leadership in Ghana too, as he had resigned from Graphic Communications Group Ltd, after serving for 6 years as the Chief Servant there too. Ghana’s most influential, credible and largest Media Group in Ghana, with a clear mandate of the development of Ghana & Ghanaians

He is a proven a strong believer of the inherent Power & Capacity of all People, working with various individuals and groups to develop young people, especially Ghanaians to own the challenges of their environment and ride on the back of these challenges as opportunities to transform their their World into a better place & also in the process become employment creators, wealthy, happy & fulfilled people.

His website writes that "Most importantly I am a strong believer in my Trinitarian God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. I am a Sinner saved by Grace. I love my wife Numelio, kids Bubune, Edem Jnr, & Nuna, my mum Rex & my Sisters Mama & Nerry. I am also crazy about Aphenyo & Mawuewornam my 2 Boerbull dogs. My hope is to own & keep 13 Boerbulls

I believe that the media is a powerful tool that Africa should use to cause a paradigm shift and leap frog the development gap. As the current Media Owners we owe it to posterity to go beyond using the media to just inform, entertain and educate. We need to use it as the Development and Empowering tool"

Before becoming the Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group Ltd., he was the Chief Operating Officer for Multi TV, General Manager of Joy FM as well as the Chief Technology Officer of the group at different times.

In between his time at Multimedia, he was also Managing Director of Optimum Media Prime, a media independent and marketing company. He left Fanel Ltd, a building services engineering company as a Senior Projects Engineer. Kenneth has a PhD in Business Administration from the Swiss Management Centre.

He holds an MBA from the Leicester University (UK) and a BSc in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He had his secondary education at St. Augustine’s College.

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