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News From Kaaka's Family That, They Can't Find On Of These, Sounds Scary and This is Why. DETAILS

Have you ever wondered that, persons needing legal assistance cannot find one? Especially when their victim, once suffered from a potentially political attack, resulting in the death of their loved ne?

Well, that us the exact situation that the family of Kaaka are facing. According to the Convener of the #FixTheCountry campaign, Barker H Vogues has shared this deep detail on his Facebook post. He wrote that:

"For the past two weeks, I have been assisting the Kaaka family try to help them find a lawyer in Kumasi for the family to represent their brother who has been arrested. We have spoken to nearly 10 lawyers. Almost all of them have refused to take the case up because of fear of political reprisals.

I am putting this out there, because I am hoping that members of the Profession take this Appeal. Not because I am interested in criticizing the profession. People have a right to be worried about their personality safety. This is a humanitarian appeal.

Because, we Lawyers have an ethical responsibility here. Our « Hippocratic » is that every human being, irrespective of the crime they have been accused; deserve legal representation. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. reach out if you can help! Shalom!"

The post, which was also shared by renowned journalist Manasseh Azure, has since gone viral and commentary following this, has included the following:

Stephen Darius Bendah writes "Ghana in 2021, and will be like this till 2023..."

Goka Agbesi Goka writes "Such a country....!"

Princess Abriana Babyjoy writes "Wow! This shouldn’t happen! Kumasi lawyers can do better! Pls assist the family in this difficult times! God bless you"

Marzouq Bin Nuur writes "Eii. Sounds scary"

Loggi Frank writes "One of the the shameful institutions. Nothing in Ghana is working. Everything is c wantain, we don’t even what is wrong with us again"

Benjamin Polley writes "You haven't seen any thing yet but still 4 more 2 do more"

Michael Nanamintah writes "Speak to lawyer Kofi Bentil. He is fearless and tough."

Adzikum Mawutor writes "Why don't you try Lawyer Francis Sosu"

Philip Hama writes "Worrying...."

Marfiq Tysa writes "Under the leadership of super incompetent corrupt Nana Addo anything is possible"

Charles Buabeng writes "This is the reality. Politics is killing us as a country. Everyone fears his life because of politics unless few. It's sad"

wife and kids of the late Kaaka

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Barker H Vogues Kaaka


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