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"We will organise demonstration against you" - Abronye told.

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Ghanaians cannot stop prasing Kofi Adoma Wanwani for making it possible to bring on board The NPP Regional Chairman Abronye Kwame DC on the Anopa Bofo show live streaming on Angel TV. It was a massive and serious encounter as Abronye DC appears on the studio to give great hints about what is happening in Bono and it's capital Sunyani.

Speaking about the various developmental projects that has been commenced and yet to complete by the current president or Government Nana Akuffo Addo Dankwah, Abronye DC stated that Nana Addo is the best president ever Ghanaians have gotten and they should appreciate his good words towards the nation.

Whiles Abronye is still counting their current achievement under Nana Addo adminstration, Kofi Adoma Wanwani hit him hard about issues of demonstration and the reaction from Abronye Kwame DC to Kofi Adoma Wanwani took a different dimension and a whole Angel all together.

According to Kofi Adoma Wanwani, The current president or Government has a bit shortcomings when it comes to the airport in Sunyani. It was then Kofi Adoma Wanwani drops the whole curtains about how they plan to demonstrate at Sunyani for airport.

"We are planning a big and a massive demonstration against you and the government about the delay in the renovation and expansion of Sunyani Airport in Bono. We will organise it and we all will take a great part of it for things to be done well for the people Sunyani to claim of a good airport" - Kofi Adoma Wanwani boldly told Abronye Kwame DC on Angel TV this morning.

Base on what Kofi Adoma Wanwani said, this is how Abronye Kwame DC gave the destials about what is going on in Sunyani about their airport.

"Kofi am not sure the demonstration will work because the current president His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo is doing a great job and all is perfect. However, you have the right to embark on a peace demonstration without stones in pockets. As it stands now, the Sunyani Airport is 85% done and only left with 15% to complete. There is a little issue which occurred and the contractor pause the work. If the case is settled, the Contractor will complete the project by the end of August 2021" - Abronye DC replied Kofi Adoma Wanwani on Angel TV.

Abronye Kwame DC added that, Sunyani and Bono have benefited greatly under Nana Adminstration and currently a traffic light which has cause the death of 8 people in Bono is yet to be fix and not to even talk about all the asphalt roads that has been commenced in Bono and Sunyani.

"Kofi Adoma Wanwani are you aware Nana Addo have provided your people With Asphalt? - Abronye quizzes Kofi Adoma. He is still doing more for the people of Sunyani for choosing a good leader to lead the whole nation. You can open the lines for people to call from Sunyani and they will testify what am saying. Everything is under control in Sunyani even though people have built storey buildings around the airport but yet things will work out soon" - Abronye Kwame DC stated.

Let pray for a good leader who will deliver good tidings to his people for the. Abronye Kwame DC still stands on the grounds that Ghana is still under a perfect condition under Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo's Adminstration than as it was in 2012 to 2014 under NDC and John Dramani Mahama's Adminstration.

What do you have to say about the words of Abronye Kwame DC from Bono which was displayed on Angel TV life on Angel TV on Anopa Bofo show.

You can drop your comments.

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