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Ghanaian Protest to the Government Massively Today at Acccra

This protest took place today, 28th of June, 2022. Ghanaian complain about fact that the rate of goods in the country are very expensive now.Ghanaian don't understand the high rate of inflation in the country, even though Ghana as a country has many kinds of minerals which can generate revenue to the development of the country, but yet still citizens are in protest to fight against the situation where things are becoming very expressive in the country.It was not easy today at the Kwame Nkrumah circle where the protest took place. Ghanaian complain more about the increment of fuel, transportations fees etc. The most pressing complain is about the fuel increment, Since the beginning of April, many people have attempted to protest the country's current economic state, but the police have not allowed them to do so, and we have even seen how some students in the Asante region were brutally punished by the police when they attempted to protest the poor road network.

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