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47 year old woman wins $16,500 in damages after suing a dating site because she could not find love

A 47-year-old woman who spent good money to join a dating service sued the business indignantly because they were unable to match her with a "decent" man.

Divorced Tereza Burki signed up for the London-based dating site Seven Thirty, but all she discovered was that there weren't enough males on the site to help her locate a suitable mate who met her requirements.

She claimed she was duped by the website's advertising, which promised a large number of wealthy guys looking for women to meet. However, after enrolling, she was unable to locate any of these rich men. She then filed a lawsuit against the dating service and was successful, winning $16,500 in damages.

The judge agreed with her claims that the website had misled her by suggesting there were a ton of wealthy guys available to date anyone who joined. In actuality, there were just a hundred or so soldiers there.

The judge ruled that Ms. Burki would not have joined Seventy Thirty if she had realized the actual extent of the active membership.

The money she spent on joining the site was covered by the damages she got, with the remaining sum being given for "disappointment and unhappiness."

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