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Alhaji Jawula petitions Peace Council on behalf of Muslim community at Wesley Girls SHS

A former President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and Board Chairman of the Tamale Senior High School, Alhaji M. N. D. Jawula has said he hopes the petition sent to the National Peace Council (NPC) would be looked into.

Their petitiin was for the council to look into a decision by the Wesley Girls Senior High School to deny Muslim students the right to observe the Ramadan fast. This is intended to bring an end to the annual tussle between the school and the Muslim community.

The former GFA Boss together with four others on Monday, September 27, 2021, petitioned the NPC to look into the issue which sparked a national debate.

Wesley Girls Senior High School in Capecoast prevented Muslim students in the school from partaking in the Ramadan fast in April this year by citing various reasons for the decision.

Alhaji Jawula stated that the action taken by the school constitutes what he calls the "violation of the right to worship in Ghana".

Speaking to CitiNews during an interview, he said;

"From April-May this year, there were issues coming out of Wesley Girls in which some of the Muslims were denied fasting and it even came out later that they couldn't offer their five daily prayers. They couldn't wear hijab, read Qur'an and many other issues.

They held a meeting and spoke to me as a leading Muslim Chief in Ghana to look at the way forward".

Alhaji Jawula stated that, the Peace Council and Ministry of Education has looked into the matter and even thought the students constitutional rights have been infringed upon.

"There's another [fasting] a few months away that we don't want to turn into a national issue which is my concern. That's why we want to start talking about it because I want it to be peaceful", Alhaji Jawula added.

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