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Should We Fix Our Attitude Or Fix The Country? Hear what the latest poll revealed.

The #FixTheCountryNow campaign is an online Ghanaian protest. The protest is against the hardships and the neglect of leadership in the country. For some times now, the youth in Ghana have protested and lamented the hike in fuel prices, poor education, healthcare delivery and poor road network among others.

In the recent times, some Ghanaians have also come against the #FixTheCountryNow protest, with the #FixYourAttitudesFirst. According to this group of people, President Nana Akufo-Addo can't fix Ghana alone; and that Ghanaian must fix their attitudes first.


The #FixYourAttitudesFirst, campaigners has indicated that "Ghana can be a better and well-fixed country if citizens start to fix their lives and attitude towards issues.

The debates got hot and even hotter on our social Media and other online sites; but here is an opinion poll conducted on one of the online pages called the ‘Modern Ghana’.

In their opinion poll, the question was put across: Should We Fix Our Attitude or Fix the Country?

As at the time of the preparing this article, 626 people have participated in the polls, from May 19, 2021 to May 28, 2021.

In the polls, 395 participants (63.1%), voted in favour of ‘Fix your Attitude’ campaign.

Again…another 231 participants, representing 36.9%, also voted in favour of ‘Fix the Country’ campaign.

What do you also think…should we Fix Our Attitude, or Fix the Country?

Please share your views with us the comment box bellow.

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