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It's a Disrespect To Petition a Chief And Still Go Behind Him And Cause Demo - Tamale Youths Told

The action of the youth group who demonstrated yesterday and ended up attacking Lamashegu police station constitutes an insult to all the Nanima they took their petition to.

Before the demonstration, the leadership of the youth group sent petition to Nyab Gukpenaa, Dakpema, Lamashegu Naa and other traditional leaders in the North over the brutality of the police officers on civilians who were reported to be stealing electricity. The chiefs promised them to organise meeting with the leadership of the police to find a lasting solution to the case.

Sadly, these youth group after visiting the chiefs palace went straight to Lamashegu police station to start vandalising cars, glass doors and windows and from there they continued their vandalism at the NEDCO office.

The chiefs upon hearing the news felt disrespected by these youth group for being lawless while they blame police. The chiefs are very disappointed and have assured that the leadership of this youth group will pay for what they've destroyed and apologized publicly to the police and to the chiefs.

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Dakpema Lamashegu Lamashegu Naa North Nyab Gukpenaa


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