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Samson Ayenini Is One Of The Nation's Best Lawyers, Manasseh Azure Praises Him and Blows His Horn.

Multimedia Group, undoubtedly boasts of some of the nation's best journalists and it will not be argued any day that, Samson Ayenini and Manasseh Azure are two of the nation's best.

In a Facebook post by the later, he has unveiled another side of their friendship and professional life, that many may have never known about and this is the fact that, Samson Ayenini also doubles as his personal lawyer. Interestingly, the pair, have sent big men and their lawyers running, or should I rather say, fleeing from their own cases.

In the post however, shared below, he ended up praising his lawyer, thanking his former employers at Multimedia group and of course, blowing his own horn, after all, "if no one is willing to praise the agama lizard who just jumped off the irroko tree, nothing stops it from doing same"

Manasseh therefore wrote that:

"In 2015, I had my first defamation lawsuit. My lawyer asked me to put my loose, layman’s response together, after which he wove it with a strong legal thread into a formidable defence. Before he filed, he said, “If his lawyers see this defence, they’ll advise him to discontinue the case.”

Between 2015 and 2020, I was sued SIX times for defamation. Five of them, including Joseph Siaw Agyepong of Zoomlion, ran away from their cases after we filed our defence. The only one pending is yet to make a move after our defence.

Two injunction application against my work, including one filed by Joseph Siaw Agyepong, were dismissed. About a dozen threats from lawyers on behalf of their clients were not followed through.

This isn’t a bad record for an investigative journalist whose works have led to imprisonments, collapse of fraudulent businesses, dismissal of dozens of public officials from GYEEDA to PPA to FDA, cancellation of fraudulent contracts worth hundreds of millions of US dollars, etc.

I’m thankful to my very meticulous and competent lawyer, Samson Anyenini, and to The Multimedia Group, for the unwavering support in these legal battles." he wrote.

Commentary following his post has included the following:

Senayah Enoch writes "Manasseh Azure Awuni you have done so well within a short time for mother Ghana...... God bless you and protect you. If we have 2% of your colleagues doing what you do Ghana will change. Don't change keep doing what you do."

Samuel Ogbe Nokolawe writes "Samson Anyenini thank you too. Good lawyers are hard to come by. God bless you."

Godwin Sarfo Annan writes "Bolgatanga is proud of you guys!!"

Kojo Pumpuni Asante writes "Manasseh Azure Awuni I pray for God's protection and peace for you and the family. Whatever he has taken you to do on this earth let him bless you with the grace to execute it to the glory of his name. I pray for your wife that God give her the strength and resilience to support you."

Alexander Agambilla writes "When you always stand by the truth, any weapon directed towards you shall always hit the defence wall of truth. May God protect you."

Prosper Kuuzie writes "Your lawyer de3 is an intelligent guy. His line of questioning usually expose the weakness of his opponent arguments. I think his pre-law academic background, journalism gave him good skills, adequate preparation."

Aliu Yusif writes "I really admire your relentless effort to make sure this country become a better place most of us want it to be. My humble appeal to you is that, don't disappoint us by allowing yourself to be influenced by the the dystopian and selfish Leaders"

Godwin Amenyogbe writes "The truth fears nothing even in DEATH. the truth is only one it shall stand EVENTUALLY."

Quabena Phyl writes "I may one day read law, it's a desire and it's borne out of passion to defend and protect good people from the hands of the wicked on legal basis! Keep up the good work, your deeds are for prosperity to judge."

Paul Kalevor writes "I believe it is a result of excellent and rigorous investigative work, under girded by the support of a solid legal luminary. The facts speaks for itself. Let no amount of discrediting distract you."

Michael Tettey writes "Samson represent the voice of the voiceless, our only hope as far as critical journalism and legal practice is concerned."

Benjamin Kwamigah Klevor writes "Great great team, you do what public officials paid with our taxes are not willing to do, God will reward you for all the risks you guys take to promote Ghana's interest."

Arii Bala writes "I now understand why people's hatred for you is that combusting. Illicit people in illicit acts hate people like you. Keep your work going and God will protect you to speak for the masses."

Afia Gyimaah writes "God bless you. May God keep you safe from any evil. You have helped the nation save a lot except that most of the citizens hate the truth"

Mary E. Gomashie writes "Good bless your good works especially the FDA returned bribe and keep protecting you from the hands of these nation rakers."

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