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Divorce Affair

'Divide everything acquired and give her one' - Man in tears after losing his estates to his wife

Parked outside the Sunyani Courthouse, shining with other cars, was a 2020 registered white coloured SUV belonging to the Lexus family. The car, with its dazzling beauty, was at the centre of a divorce pleadings as the Sunyani Courthouse sat in calm and ruled with law. Nobody is above the law and everything should be subject to the law, including the car your honour, the plaintiff lawyer shouted as she argued for the car to be included in the divorce package. 

Whether it was a gift, you bought it without money or not, my client deserves some respect and some dignity at this point, your honour. The defendant can agree to this simple settlement and we can have this outside the court. This is a misunderstanding from a man who is not willing to give a fair share of everything to his loving wife, after he pushed her out of the marriage, the plaintiff lawyer, Darko Philomena, argued in vigour and style as she got the whole courthouse on her side of the hearing. 

Objection your honour! overruled!! The judge, His Lordship Fred Obikyere shut the defendant lawyer up before he was able to even raise his line of objections. That was the seventh time the defence lawyer had raised his voice in the twenty-nine minutes the plaintiff lawyer had been on the floor arguing why her client should be given what she is asking for. 

Counsellor, let your line of objection be precise and speak to the issue you want to object to. Objecting to something you can argue in your counterargument during your time is baselessly to object at these times, it just wastes the courts time. Kindly be advised and stick to the protocols, the judge said in his masculine deep voice as he tried to stop the defence lawyer from wasting more time with objections.

For over ten years of relationship, twenty years of marriage, and four beautiful aged children, the least a man can do is say a darling goodbye to his supporting and devoted wife, but this man has caused nothing but pain even in sharing of assets. My client demands nothing but half of everything both have toiled for in the cause of the marriage and that includes the car, Lawyer Darko Philomena, the lawyer representing the divorcee wife argued.

Nathan Adomako ESQ, when he got his time to argue on the floor of the courthouse, disfigured all the transactional figures the wife Mrs Christiana Amponsem had quoted in supporting her claims through her lawyer. These are unrealistic and fabricated figures aimed at getting more money from my client your honour, there is no truth in these documents as lawyer Adomako showed his own documents to prove his claims.

After over three hours of hearing and fifty minutes recess, the District Court B of the Sunyani Metropolitan Courthouse, ruling through His Lordship Judge Fred Obikyere ruled that, whether the car was given to Mr Amponsem through a donation or he used the couple's money or whatever money to buy, it was acquired within the marriage and the wife Christiana Amponsem, was entitled to half of the car as her divorce package. 

Sit the current price of the car, and divide the money, or sell it and dived the money, or one should take it and pay back the money to the other party. Divide everything acquired and give her one. There is no gift or things that can't be shared because they are mere gifts. Everything should be shared equally, the judge ruled.

Tears rolled down the eyes of Mr Amponsem as the ruling went sideways for him. The car which was at the centre of the divorce is a gift someone gave to him as a gift according to his lawyers, but the court ruled there was no gift in divorce so far as it was acquired in their marriage.

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