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The Judge's Sentence On A 15 Year Old Boy - You Will Weep After Reading

This was a fifteen year old boy who was caught stealing bread from a store. On trying to escape from the hold of the guard, he was caught.

The judge heard the crime and asked the boy, “Did you really steal something, a loaf of bread and cheese?”The boy responded by looking down.;- “Yes.” The Judge went on by asking the boy why did he still it and the boy said; He was hungry and needed it for survival and the reason for that was that, he was living with only his sick and unemployed mother.

He used to wash car but he was fired when he took a day off work to take care of his sick mother. When he thought of going to ask people for money to get food, he went to about fifty(50) people and they did not help him. So he decided to still as his last option.

After the questionnaire, the judge began to pronounce the verdict; “the theft and especially the stealing of Bread by a hungry boy is a very shameful crime and we are all responsible for this crime." He said, even he himself is guilty of the crime and he charged everyone present at the court 10 dollars each.

He went on by fining the shop owner thousand dollars for handing over a poor hungry boy to the police and also the police he fined the same amount for charging a hungry boy to the court.

After hearing the verdit everyone present at the court started crying and asking forgiveness from the poor boy.

Moral lesson we must not neglect needy children on the street because that is what causing the rubbery in our communities. We must take car of them and provide for them.

Note: This is not a true life story

Content created and supplied by: GabiSmart (via Opera News )


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