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The Takoradi Woman Goes Viral Again As She Appears Before Court: Ghanaians Plead, No Mercy

The case of the Takoradi woman is an exceptional one. The situations surrounding the case have raised a lot of emotional tantrums among Ghanaians. There have been series of media challenges and debates as to whether the woman was telling the truth or not.

The Ghana Police Service has updated their facebook page with the notice that the Takoradi woman, Josephine Panyin Mensah appears before Takoradi Circuit Court Today.

When individuals plan to do certain things, it is surprising whether they think about the repercussions. As at now, it is not clear to most Ghanaians as to why Josephine Panyin Mensah would decide to strategise such a scenario although many have given several reasons for which she could have done what she did. Below is the post on the verified facebook page of the police.

Ghanaians have trouped to share their reactions and opinions on the case. As per the reactions, it appears that most Ghanaians have been heavily struck to the heart by the actions of the woman. None of those who have reacted to the post seek to sympathise with her. That would not be necessary in the first place, but deciding her fate before the court makes its ruling is also not in the right direction. The court must be allowed to have its way.

Stephen Amponsah has expressed how involved he was in the case in the reactions above. We believe he is not the only one emotionally engrossed in the case.

For the fact that Josephine has hurt the feelings of most Ghanaians does not qualify them to be her judge in this case. It is worthy of note that the court is the only lawful authority that has the right to determine the case, and Ghanaians must be ready to accept any judgement pronounced by the judges. Take a look at some other reactions.

Most a times, citizens may see a case from a certain perspective, but the court according to the evidences presented and issues raised would see it from another angle.

There have been several speculations in this case, and as it is likely that most of them may be true, some might also be false. The court would not make their ruling based on the emotions of Ghanaians, but as per the tactical evidence and proof presented in court.

Ghanaians need to be admonished to allow the court to do their independent investigation and ruling on the case and if a judgement is arrived at, they must accept it in good faith. The fact that Josephine has hurt the emotions of the citizens is not a guarantee for her to be jailed. It is only the court that has the final authority to give the final verdict based on the interpretations of the law, and the outcome of investigations.

If Ghanaians would understand this, then we would uphold the constitution of Ghana and allow the law to take positive effect in our country, Ghana.



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