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Actions Have Consequences:Group Leader Who Wants Doumbouya Out Of Power Hospitalized

Actions have consequences and people who are hailed as heroes by the masses must not mistake the silence of the authorities as weakness. Doumbouya is a battle-tested soldier who has witnessed violent events in his life, hence isn't afraid of demonstrations.

However, the frequency of these demonstrations tends to plunge the country into turmoil and the interim President of the transition resisted fiercely. Initially, the top members of the National Front for the defense of the constitution were warned to desist from embarking on civil disobedience.

Those who participated in the protest have always been involved in violent clashes with the security agencies and it was becoming worrying. A directive from the government dissolved the association which wants the leader ousted from him.

Fonike Mengue a key member of the group was captured and currently, he has been permitted to seek medical assistance after he fell ill. It seems the little time he spent in prison has taken its toll on him.

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