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Ghana Should be Ready to be Like Dubai if We Make LGBTQI Illegal. Are we Ready?

There has been a lot of comments and public opinions about the LGBTQI+ group in Ghana. This minority LGBTQI+ group have managed to seize our attention and they demand a legal instrument that permits their actions, gatherings and operations in Ghana. However, a recent poll in ghana revealed that over 90% of Ghanaians don’t tolerate anything about the group. Indeed, they want them out of the country in toto.

The Parliament of Ghana is herein discussing a bill that will criminalize the activities of this group and even see people who are found guilty of the practice of homosexuality go to jail for 10 years. Many Ghanaians are in a hurry to see that bill passed into law and the President append his signature. The Church of Pentecost has also supported the anti-gay movement with 15,000 signatories. They say they think about the future: and in the future, if the government makes LGBTQI+ legal, then it would mean that priest should ordain their weddings, an action they find abominable and unbiblical.

Although some 18 powerful lawyers, doctors and academically international figures have registered their disagreement in Parliament making LBGTQI+ illegal, their cry appears unheard of. But the question of the day remains: Ghana will be like Dubai and all the Arab countries who have made LGBTQI+. We won’t get any benefits, loans, financial assistance and many other goodies from the international world. Ghana will have to depend on nobody but perhaps, our fellow African countries. Are we ready for that situation now? If the answer is yes, then Ghana should go ahead and make LGBTQI+ illegal. However, if we don’t have the strength yet, then we have to be circumspect with our decisions. As we all know, some Arab states, including Dubai doesn't tolerate same-sex activities, not even fornication. But they do that freely because they don't need any international assistance in managing their country.

All these arguments have become necessary because we didn’t plan well as a nation. Look at Dubai, China and Singapore, they started off with nothing but because of better planning and management, they have reached greater heights that nobody can force homosexuality on them. However, we have relied on the international community since Adam and we can’t even justify what we used all the loans we got from the international community for.

The simple but difficult to admit fact is that, Ghana will suffer if we make LGBTQI+ illegal in the country. We have to make sure we have the right and effective systems working before we commit ourselves to this paradigm of life. I know it will be hard for people who hate the activities of the LGBTQI+ people but at a point, we have to call a spade a spade.


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