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The Bitter Truth About Freedom-AN ACDAG EDITORIAL.

Hello fellow Ghanaians, this news article might not be the usual type of article we all read on a daily basis , but trust me this one will blow your mind.

A little over six decades ago , some noble citizens of this land together in unity defied all odds to gain for us independence from the grips of the white man. They did everything in their power to ensure that all the people on the land felt freedom and that no intimidation or fear could befall on them again. A very great and noble act indeed, but to my utterly dismay , that noble act in the past years which was supposed to continue up till this day has slowly lost its colour.

"Ghana our beloved country is free forever" as said by the late former and first President of Ghana ,Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has shown to be a very light and loose phrase which contains no power , fact or truth. It may be that the Ghana then was free , but you and I know that today's Ghana is in bondage and that bondage was set upon by us. We have created a prison and imprisoned ourselves in it.

The word freedom means the state of being free , lack of enslavement or being unconstrained. It has synonyms such as Liberty and Exemption (which means having immunity or being free from defects or weakness). So per the definition of freedom can we then as citizens boldly tell everyone in the world that we are free, no! We are not , if anyone wants to debate on it with me I'm ready any moment , but then if he is able to answer these questions for me , he will earn the privilege of a debate.

Here we go; do we have an infrastructure development rate of even ten percent, an unemployment rate less than seventy percent , a robust health system , a proper reformed educational policy , a stable economic growth , good leadership , committed and accountable citizens , a zero percent rate of corruption , a good and effective security system in operation.

What about the area of energy , what about water and sanitation well , I have been living without my pipe the past three months but I still pay water bills, what about our oil , gold , cocoa etc. How are we using them ,these and many more questions exist on our shores and they being unanswered has left us with a canker called "Colonization".

Sixty years ago , we had the white man enslaving us but today our own mistakes are doing us harm.

There is the problem of bad leadership which everyone knows , even a baby born today can tell you that some of Ghana's leaders have parochial agendas to always plunder from the state and leave it with nothing but dirt. But my lenses have travelled wide and have seen that Ghana's problem of "modernized colonization" is not as a result of bad leadership alone but from the behavioural conducts of the citizenry as a whole.

Welcome to Ghana where citizens are not realistic enough to address their needs and wants because of party memberships, welcome to Ghana where civil servants have it that leaders in Government are spending all the money , so they too must try as much as possible to create loopholes in their various institutions to also enrich themselves by stealing funds, welcome to Ghana where no one would address the issues but when someone takes up the mantle we call him names and say he is fake.

Welcome to Ghana where maintenance culture is a problem , everyone does not care about what happens to state property , we think the government is the watchdog and have left that responsibility for it to handle but we are wrong , welcome to Ghana where superstition and religious beliefs have filled our heads with nonsense and have refused to see the world from a different angle. We still live in the nineteenth century and have refused to upgrade.

Welcome to Ghana where the youths who we claim to be the future of the country do not even have love for the country but have resorted to blaming the leaders. They have put nation building aside and are playing the blame game. I tell you , if we think for a moment that it is the duty of the government alone to take up nation building responsibilities then we are wrong. Bear in mind that the government would not be there forever , it is transitional.

Fellow Ghanaians , our attitudes and thoughts does not reflect that of those who are ready for a developed nation. Even when leadership of the country changes everything in it , our mindset would still destroy it.

Please , we can all make Ghana great it's just a small task that we all can complete in a day if we come together. Join me on this massive campaign for development , and let's save this nation together.

He who reads this article should ponder over it very well ,we have all committed mistakes but now is the time to make things right.

African Center For Development Accountability And Growth - ACDAG thanks you all. Please share!!!!

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