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Digital Activism On The Rise

Digital activism is a platform which help large groups to achieve their aims. Digital activism is on the rise as many people use these plaforms for a lot activities such as conferences, learning and doing business.

However, the digital platform such as the social media, podcast and e-mail to send information faster to other.

Meanwhile, the digital activism gives opportunity to other who want to use to medium for things such as fundraising , community building, lobbying and organizing events. 

Digital platforms are mainly used for communication and entertainment. It is rising faster because of easy access to information and faster, convinent to use at any point in time.

Digital media platforms can be used to promote democracy as technology is advancing and improving around the world.Using technology as a platform, is simply a means of spreading information to the world which reaches individuals across the world quickly. In this current digitalised world it is estimated that two thirds of the population are subscriber to mobile phone.

Most people use their moblie phone to capture a lot of information so they can have easy access to at anytime they want without stress.

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