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Parade protest


We will join the demonstration- Captain Smart declares

Captain Smart who has vouched for the youth who wanted to go on the demonstration has reacted to the court’s decision to allow these individuals to protest. Captain Smart has worked in favor of the youth and those who felt there was a need to make a change in the country.

Captain Smart was very interested in supporting the youth in order to carry on with the protest but this was a problem due to the police’s intervention.

Captain Smart as he reacted to the nullified restriction on the protestors by the police rejoiced and declared that Ghanaians must know that this is not a political demonstration. This demonstration should not favor the Npp or the Ndc. He claims it’s a demonstration to make Ghanaians heard.

It’s a demonstration to make everyone including government officials aware of the troubles which some Ghanaians are going through as some of them enjoy the riches of this land.

Captain Smart indicated by saying, we will join the demonstration and make sure that these youth are protected and their voices are heard.

He said this as he revealed that the youth should be educated on the regular about these events and continue to be bold in making decisions that will have an impact on their future.

Captain Smart also stated that the demonstration should involve the media more so that the message from the youth can be carried across the country, not to only the government officials but the corrupt individuals who are also citizens but are not ready to change, but having their actions affect the country’s growth.

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