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"You Just Go There And Make Your Argument And The Matter Will Be Determined" - Dr. Ayine Told.

A private legal practitioner has advised the then Deputy Attorney General, Dr. Dominic Ayine to go and face the General Legal Council base on the petition filed by the Chief Justice against him. The Chief Justice wrote a petition to the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council noting that Dr. Ayine has made a comment against the Judicial body and therefore, he must be delt with.

Dr. Ayine in response to the petition noted that there's no way he is going to withdraw the comments he made because it has not affected the Judicial body nor any individual judge. He added that he has exercised his right and there's nothing wrong with it.

John Ndebugri following this has advised Dr. Ayine to honour the invitation to the Disciplinary Committee of the GLC. He noted that being sent to the disciplinary committee of the GLC does not mean he has been condemned so he must go there and make his arguments for the matter to be determined. He added that it's only him that can prove the Chief Justice wrong.

"The complaint doesn’t mean you have been condemned. You just to go there [GLC] and make your arguments and then the matter will be determined. Only when you go there and there is evidence of bias, then he can start complaining. But I think that at this stage it is premature. I will advise Ayine to try and go to the Disciplinary Committee and make his case. It is in his interest to go and prove the Chief Justice wrong".

What's your address on this, do you think Dr. Ayine should go and make his allegations to the Disciplinary Committee of the the GLC, can he prove the Chief Justice wrong?

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