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10 Challenges Lesbians and Gays Go Through But Will Never Tell You

As people are pushing for the Anti-LGBTQ Bill to be passed, the question we should all ask ourselves is: “Do you know the challenges lesbians and gays go through but will never tell you?” Truth is, even if the group that has submitted a petition to parliament to quash off the Proper Human Human Sexuality and Family Values Bill succeeds, lesbians and gays will still go through these 10 challenges I am going to share with you.

1. Fear of victimization and violence: In countries where lesbians and gays marriages are accepted, they go through victimization and violence from society. In some countries, lesbians and gays caught in the act are beaten and sometimes, burnt alive. In Islamic-dominated countries, lesbians and gays marriages are punishable by death. So long as Christian values and society frown on this act as morally wrong, victimization and violence will continue even if laws are passed to protect them.

2. Rejection by family and friends: Many families feel ashamed, see it as disgusting and a deviation from proper human sexuality and family values and cannot feel proud about their sons and daughters that have decided to be lesbians and gays. One of the challenges they go through is that, as society rejects them, family members and friends too also reject them. What is the value of your choice of life when society, family, friends, and loved ones all reject you? How can you find happiness and satisfaction in life?

3. Not knowing where to fit in society: Lesbians and gays always struggle to know where they fit into society? When married women are meeting, can a married gay man acting as the woman attend such a meeting? Can a lesbian woman also acting as the husband attend a gathering of married men?


4. Living a double life of pretense and hide and seek life: For most gays and lesbians marriages, it has been a matter of hide and seek always trying to cover up their secret ways of life in order not to be caught. Anytime you realize that you cannot feel free to live your life but you are full of fear, then check your choices in life.  

5. High risk of losing jobs: Many lesbians and gays have lost their jobs the moment employers discovered who they are. Many people are not ready to associate themselves with whatever is considered morally wrong and not acceptable in society.

6. The guilt of living a sinner’s life: The act of being a lesbian and a gay is a sin. You are trying to tell God that he is not wise enough to create your sexuality the other way you want it. Lesbians and gays act led to the destruction of 2 towns in the Bible: Sodom and Gomorrah.


7. The issue of adoption of children: When it comes to raising children, many lesbians and gays have decided to adopt children from orphanage homes but the question people keep asking is: “Who should live a normal life and give birth for you to adopt and spoil with your immoral values?”

8. Burning sensation, sore anus, and wearing of diapers: God did not design your anus for the high pressure and friction it goes through during sex. As a result of penal actions going through the anus, the sphincter is destroyed: An anal sphincter is a group of muscles at the end of the rectum that surrounds the anus and controls the release of stool, thereby maintaining continence. Once penetration destroys the sphincter, it can no longer hold your stool until you want to release it, hence, gays and people who enjoy anal sex have to be wearing diapers to prevent soiling and disgracing themselves in public.  

9. Discrimination and denials in diverse ways: So long as religion and society frown on lesbians and gays marriages, they may continue to suffer discrimination from the public even if laws are passed to protect them.

10. The confusion to revert back to normal life or remain: One of the worries lesbians and gays have is that, once they are not accepted in the society and they are struggling to live and fit in, they get confused as to whether to revert to a normal life or maintain their stand. And how will society and family members know that they are no longer in their formal ways? Unless they repent and quit all forms of lifestyles that depict lesbianism and gay life.

So long as the Word of God, moral values, societal and family values, and Sharia laws are all against LGBTQ, lesbians and gays will continue to have serious challenges in the world. No law can be passed to totally set them free.

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