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[VIDEO]: Protesters Blocked Ambulance From Reaching Its Destination

The Youths at Sokoban in the Ashanti Region have begun their demonstration against the government over their bad roads.

During the demonstration, the protesters that are the youths occupied each section of the road to the extent that vehicles were not able to access the road to their destinations.

There came an ambulance and due to the siren of the ambulance that was turned on, it was assumed that these protesters will pave the way but they didn't.

The protesters ignored the sound of the siren from the ambulance and continued their demonstration.

The ambulance was still stationary and the siren was also blowing.

This alarmed the protesters so they decided to check whether there is a patient in the ambulance but there were none when they checked.

The protesters paid no heed to the driver of the ambulance anymore.

Click here to watch the protesters' actions against the vehicles.

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