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Ghanaians Reacts After Dr Bawumia Said Ghanaians To Re-register SIM cards In June

Ghanaians has reacted massively after vice president, Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia said that sim card registration could start in June this year to stop momo fraud in the country.

Dr Bawumia hinted that failure to re-register your sim card will cause you to lose your phone number and Ghanaians have reacted massively and causes stir today, Tuesday, 18th May, 2021.

Ghanaians expressed their views after kwadwo Sheldon revealed the news to them on social media today and a lot of them have disagree with the exercise to be taken in June. A lot of Ghanaians thought that there's no need to re- register sim card in the country.

Meanwhile Dr Bawumia told the public that due to fraudulent issues on going in the country, the Government want to take that exercise to clean the system by using Ghana card to register sim cards.

See how some people reacted to the news.

"This Dr. Bawumia I don't understand him. I've no problem with this decision.

Almost half of Ghanaians are yet to receive this card, and they said after the registration period they'll open offices in constituencies so if you don't get the card you can go there for yours or new registration.

The question is have this been done? Have the offices been set up in place. Dr. Bawumia, We know you want this country to deal with technology but let us not rush".

Someone said: "Absolutely foolishness. We ain't doing this not today and forever. Or the government has now Bought the telecoms? I know the Npp now own Airtel-Tigo so you can do that to them but not the other networks. We are tired of this Administration. Making everything too difficult and unbearable why. Do you own the country or what small post you get you want bring village life all inside.

God's Punishment and Judgments awaits you!"

Another person said "These networks don't even have offices in every district or town. Is it a punishment to be a Ghanaian? Always wasting productive time to go and queue for days for almost every registration process in this country. Me I'm tired oo".

Someone also said: "Put idiots in power and greed becomes their master. Even the most principled are turned. Empty promises to gain election. Like some of the pastors who take money from their congregations to buy 4x4, expensive clothes etc for themselves. Both have their power, few use it for the good of those they profess to care for. Remember the "flock" is greater than any of them. You can change things, but you have to be determined and strong. Look to us in the Western world. We are not free - though our leaders will tell you we are".

Another Ghanaian said: "Infact this veep needs deliverance. Instead of you to fix the country look at what he is saying, will this solve the hardship in this country. We regretted voting for you and your incompetence boss".

See how Ghanaians reacted fully to the news.

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