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Details Of 'Concerned Citizen' Who Reported Ama Governor To GLC Revealed

Ama Governor, a popular Ghanaian YouTuber, and socialite have recently made headlines after her admission to the bar was halted after a concerned citizen reported misbehavior problems to the Ghana Bar Association.

The 'Concerned Citizen' submitted a letter to the Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana and the Chairperson of the Ghana Legal Council without revealing his genuine name.


Ama Governor is not suitable to be summoned to the bar on Friday, November 11, 2022, according to the letter, because of a long history of unsettling public utterances and publications.

'There are also films and internet releases showing she is in the habit of having intercourse with other ladies,' according to the letter.

The Concerned Citizen further stated that Ama Governor wears nose rings to school regularly and that there is video footage of her donning face masks to conceal it.

This, along with several other complaints, was reported to the legal body. The whole statement is provided below.

However, a copy of the letter has been released, as has the identity of the 'Concerned Citizen.' The individual signed off on the letter as Hajia Sidiru and included their genuine contact information. This has prompted numerous Netizens to employ identity recognition applications like Genuine Caller to determine the true identity of the alleged 'Concerned Citizen.'


According to Netizens, the person's true name is Richard Sky. And he reportedly used a fictitious name, Hajia Sidiru, to file a complaint against Ama Governor with the Ghana Legal Council. It is also said that Richard Sky, along with other soon-to-be Ghanaian attorneys, would be summoned to the bar on Friday, November 11, 2022.

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