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History, facts and realities proves LGBTQ+ is making progress and can't be stopped, not even Ghana

The discussion about LGBTQ+ has proved to be a complex and a comprehensive one over the years. In most part of the world, people have grew accustomed to these perversions and have codified laws that safeguards the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. It is the opposite in other jurisdictions, especially in Africa and some Arabian countries, where LQBTQ+ is considered abominable with victims facing unrelenting state-sponsored attacks, social stigma and discriminations. Despite public and clandestine talks with leaders of LGBTQ-unfriendly countries to protect these minority group, the activism has been largely unsuccessful.

However there are concrete evidences that depict LGBTQ+ has a long standing history among humanity and cannot be curtailed. We can point out the Biblical account at Genesis 19:4,5, about how ill-mannered men of Sodom called out on Lot, to release two God-sent messengers in order to have sex with them. Moreover, as far back in the 340 BC down to early 1900, there were numerous records of perversions including records of some historical personalities like, Alexander the Great, once a great king of the Macedons who had affairs with men and women, Italian polymath Leonard da Vinci, Michelangelo, John Maynard Keynes, Mahatma Gandhi and several others.

Until recent years where most countries have started acknowledging the human rights of LGBTQ+ people, they were highly predisposed to extreme violence and assualts but this never mitigated or stopped the tendency. The 20th and 21st century has marked some jaw dropping revolution in LGBTQ+, where we now have transgenders( Michael Dillion, first transgender), cisgenders can have children of their own, non-celibate gay men getting ordained as pastors and Christian ministers and LGBTQ+ affrimations by Christian dominations like Catholics, Methodist, Presbyterian and United Church of Christ, which depicts some considerable progress of the LGBTQ+ community.

Meanwhile, Ghana is on course to pass out one of the harshest law in bid to get repress the LGBTQ+ community in the country. This has triggered massive activism by national and international activists to cajole the country's leaders to review the bill, nonetheless the lawmakers remains intransigent and have received mammoth backing to pass it through.

Ghana is likely to achieve similar results as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other Arabian countries, who have draconian laws against the LGBTQ+ community. Perversion is highly abominable in these countries and the culprits are constantly being subjected to state-sponsored hostilities, forced anal examinations, extrajudicial killings, social stigma and other forms of repressions. The the leaders of these countries have blatantly disregard all activism and advises to desist from the ill-treatments against these the minority group.

According to a probe conducted by Human Rights Watch in these Arab countries in 2018, it was deduced that, there continue to be many people living closeted lives in the country. Most of the interviewees claimed, they continue to live in fear but violence and harsh punishments doesn't change who they are and their feelings but only make them leave closeted lives. Ghana is likely to experience similar outcome.

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