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LGBTQ Bill Is A Violation Of Human Rights?

Many Ghanaians are in support of the proposed LGBTG+ bill to met out punishments to persons found guilty of engaging in gay and lesbianism.

The defendant of the Bill, Sam Nettey George argues persons identified in this category are of mental disorder since it is not normal for a person to want to sleep with the same sexual orientation.

To my best of knowledge, I think sexuality shouldn't be of great concern as that is the choice of the individual and implementing a bill to punish people of their sexuality is against their human rights.

In the modern world where everyone feels there is great freedom to do whatever they feel, I think our country should focus our resources in better ventures than someone's sexuality.

Majority of you might disagree with me but that is the hard truth, LGBTG is a choice and one must not suffer any punishments for it.

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