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Rastaman Tyron's victory is a victory for all Ghanaians. This is why.

No matter your religion, belief or spiritual leaning, you should be happy about yesterday's court ruling that vindicated the stance of Tyron Marhguy, Oheneba Nkrabea and their families. They had the conviction that, the length of their hair, which is a religious injunction (Not a fashion statement) should not be used by any educational trainer to prevent them from realising their dreams through formal education.

The court decision is a progressive one and anyone who believes in an equal society, mutual respect for all and unity in diversity for a common destiny, must in principle be happy about this particular ruling. It must be viewed as a victory for all.

Marghuy and Nkrabea, who were placed in Achimota after scoring an aggregate six in the BECE were refused admission into the prestigious school because of their dreadlocked hair.

While they and their parents said they were Rastafarians and the dreadlocks were part of the children's faith, Achimota School insisted they should cut it before coming to school.

They then went to Court seeking a declaration that denying the students admission violates their right to dignity and right to education as guaranteed under Articles 25 (1)(b), 28 (4) in Ghana’s Constitution.

The family further argued in the lawsuit that “there is no lawful basis for [Achimota School] to interfere with the applicant’s right to education based on his rasta through which he manifests or expresses his constitutionally guaranteed right to religion and to practice and manifest same.”

Mind you, there Rastamen has used these same appearances to climb the different levels of the educational ladder. It had not been a distraction to themselves or their mates. In fact, they excelled perfectly and dregs along several students positively. Why now?

The constitution, is supreme. Any rule, any regulation that comes up in a situation will automatically be dwarfed when it contradicts the dictates of the constitution. So first, it is a victory for constitutionalism and any democrat must be pleased.

The educational rules government the system today might be in consonants with your belief today, so you are against equality for all religion, or you are indifferent. But note that, an unjust rule is no rule. In this instance, the length of Tyron's hair is no impediment to anybody's educational right.

Lastly, justice has been served. This is enough for anybody to be happy about the system. 

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Achimota Marghuy Nkrabea Oheneba Nkrabea


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