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It will be better he quit from the stakeholders of the club before it get out of control

Some gesture speaks louder than words in such a way that, all things been together the conditions of the supporters as at now will be messy if they will come back to the board with their demonstration. Because of the common enjoyment and interest of some people in the club, the whole secretariat were teared apart with a massive disagreement at their office. The former National Chapters Committee (NCC) chairman and Board Member of Hearts of Oak has officially tendered in his resignation letter to the club’s board chairman, Togbe Afede today Saturday, 20th February, 2021.

However, Alhaji Akanbi’s reasons for his resignation is not yet clear, but reported early this week that the 52 year old football administrator status on Hearts of Oak’s Board has been questioned by some section of the club’s fans as they believe that the outgoing Board member was on the club’s Board as the supporters favorite.

Sections of the fans suspect he is the main architect behind the mass resignation of the entire technical team members. They called for his resignation following the exit of head coach Kosta Papic during their protest at the club’s secretariat on Wednesday. He had earlier called the bluff of the fans who were calling for his resignation during the fans’ protest.

Dr Opoku Sampene is of the view that Alhaji Akambi and Vincent Odotei-Sowuah are the main problems, according to inside sources within the club.

The club is not a family property but a cooperate organization that each and everyone should have a say and a stake in it. The people who came to brand and coined the club invested without thinking twice of the club paying back with interest. The problem right now has turn to be someone's selfish interest and others around it are also pushing for their common conflict of interest. “The supporters are hurt and complain to some of us when they see us. We will not sit and watch Alhaji Akanbi, Sowah Odotei and others to run the club down.” The former Hearts chief also blamed the supporters for not acquiring more shares during the floatation. “Hearts fans failed to buy the shares and the majority of the shares is held by one person. We failed with the floatation of the shares". He indicated that Hearts doesn't have an effective Board as the majority shareholder Togbe Afede XIV runs the whole show.

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