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I Will Visit Your Headquarters Outside Ghana And Sue You All If You Dare Block My Sim Cards

Host of Onua Maakye show on Onua TV, Captain Smart has sent some messages to the various telecommunication network companies in Ghana.

Speaking on Onua TV this morning, Captain Smart served a warning to the telecommunication companies in Ghana about his sim card. Captain Smart made it clear that if any of the companies block his sim card, he(Captain Smart) will sue them. He added that he will not sue them in Ghana but will sue them in the country where their parent company or head office is located.

According to Captain Smart, no network company has the right to block his sim card because of 'common' Ghana Card registration. He believes that this reregistration is needless.

"I heard that the sim cards of people will be interrupted. Nobody under this sun can block my sim card. As for me, I will sue you. If MTN and Vodafone says that they are men like me, they should block my sim card. Like I will make it in life instantly. I will not sue them in Ghana, but I will sue them at the very headquarters of the company. It is time we think about how to develop the country and stop these unnecessary things" he said.

The minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu has made it clear on several occasions that all sim cards that have not been registered with the Ghana Card will either be blocked or the user will find it difficult to use such sim card. She added that the sim will no longer have assess to voice calls and also enjoy internet services. Also it will be expensive to use such sim card.

Captain Smart challenged them to block his sim cards and he will be a millionaire in few days because he will win the court case after suing them.

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