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US Based Journalist Writes To Arise Ghana Demonstrators Suggesting Way Forward (Details)

The Arise Ghana Movement had their 2 day demonstration in Accra a couple of days ago. The exercise was generally successful except for some clashes between the police and the demonstrators on the first day.

US based journalist who observed the program closely has written to the demonstrators commending them and suggesting way forward. According to Kelvin Tailor, owner of Loudsilence TV based in Washington DC, the exercise spoke volumes to the government and the international community. He was optimistic Ghanaians will base on the exercise and vote out the Nana Addo government in 2024.

Kelvin suggested to the demonstrators to replicate the exercise in all other regions.

Check Kelvin Tailor post below.

" As the CEO of Loud Silence Media, I personally want to express my gratitude to all Ghanaians who came out to demonstrate in the historic two days Arise Ghana Demonstration.

You gallant heroes and heroines proved that indeed there is still hope to restore our country and get it back on the path to progress where the government would not intimidate critical voices.

Indeed, not even the police brutality stopped you from marching and sending your message across board.

In the course of doing what the constitution mandates you to do, a number of you through the reckless actions of the Police Service led by George Dampare sustained injuries.

To the injured and those who suffered from the tear gas attack by the police, I am sending you all hugs.

There is of course going to be that moment after this demonstration you would sit and and ask yourself if it is worth it to get injured in the process of demanding something you deserve from those who begged you for power.

I want to encourage you that history will never forget you, the change we desired may not come immediately, but when Ghana finally gets back to the path of progress where the government will respect freedom of expression, attend to the needs of citizens, and become accountable for every cedi they spend, you will feel proud even if you are in your grave that at least you played your part as a citizen in making sure the future became better for the next generation.

The Arise Ghana demonstration saw a cocktail of people, young, old, the haves and have not.

While watching visuals, I saw a woman who said she is almost 75 years but was part of the demonstrators.

Her children she they were in the United States and Europe and that they could afford to take care of her. But that did not stop her from coming out to demonstrate.

That is the patriotism we all should carry going forward.

This Akufo Addo Bawumia government has failed on all fronts and they deserve to go in 2024 no matter who they bring as flag bearer or no matter the sort of rigging ploy they set in motion with the help of Jean Mensa and Bossman Asare.

To the organizers of Arise Ghana and its leadership and the average Ghanaian who took part in this historic demonstration whether in person or virtually, I say may God bless you and may we sustain the momentum of asking for accountability, justice, and above all making our country free from these gangs of criminals currently in office.

The biggest task would be mobilizing ourselves and making sure this Akufo Addo Bawumia- led government is kicked out in 2024. "

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