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As A Supporter Of #Fixthecountry What Are Your Expectations From The Government After The Demo?

Glory and honour be unto the Most High God. At long last, the demo has ended. One of the most awaited things Ghanaians wanted to witness was the #fixthecountry demonstration. The protest was held yesterday and gracefully, it ended in peace. Wishes of the protesters was countless. President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo was charged to fix the bad roads in the country, build classrooms for pupils learning under trees, build more hospitals, create more jobs and so on.

This question has been asked on social media after the demo was over. The question is "as a supporters of the #fixthecountry protest, what are your expectations from the government after the demonstration?" This question has received a lot of answers from Facebook handlers.

Some have noted that they expect the president to address the State following this demonstration. Some too expect better economy after the demonstration

"It was all about Kwame Nkrumah who is dead and gone, are those so called youth serious at all? You chant fix the country when you have the opportunity to demonstrate, you couldn't even present any important issues that needs to be fixed, no petition to the authorities, that placards you were all carrying was useless and unnecessary. No clear messages was sent to the Government." One of the commentators shared.

Read some answers below.

What are your expectations on this? Drop more in the comment box below and follow up for more.

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