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Sad news: let us examine this case and judge accordingly.

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Life is full of surprises and unforseen circumstances. Each an everyday there are new things that we hear or see that surprises us. There is this woman in the country who was accused of killing her husband. And according to the information reaching us, the body of the woman's husband was never found but still the woman was sentenced to prison. Years after this woman serving her jail term, she found out his husband is living with another woman.

When this woman saw where her husband is living, she went to the place and shot the man several times and he died for real this time around. After killing her husband, the woman was re-arrested for the same murder on the same person.

Please the question is, if you were the judge, what will you do? will you look at the case as a fresh murder or will you look at it as a crime she already served the term?

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