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Tribalism: One of Ghana's Biggest Negative

Tribalism in Ghana, has been a major thing that Ghanaians have been practising for some time now. It is a very bad act that we have to try our best to expel from our country. 

In Ghana, issues of tribalism are seen in every region. There are people who do not want to associate themselves with those from other tribes. We always say to ourselves that we unite as a country and yet, there are individual citizens whose actions cannot unite the country as one. 

It has almost become part of us that some people even advise their offsprings not to marry people from certain tribes but we believe that inter tribal marriages could also help unite the country as one. Even in our workplaces, employers will want to employ people from certain tribes and ignore the application letters of those from other tribes.

They are able to do this by just looking at the surname of the applicant to know which tribe they may belong to. Some employers even treat employees from their tribes better than the others. It has even gone a long way to notice that, when it comes to politics in the country, the majority of certain tribes support a particular political party without taking into consideration what the party could offer to the country. Even in our schools, some teachers discriminate against students from certain tribes. Tribalism even takes place in some of our religious institutions.

The tribalism in the country is becoming so serious that some people have to deny their tribe in order to get accommodation, job or even favour in the sight of authorities. There are certain landlords who do not want to rent out their rooms to certain tribes of people and for that reason some tenants have to tell lies about their original tribes in order to be allowed to rent a room. Some people also have to lie about their tribes in order to win the heart of the people they love. 

If we say we are united as one nation, why then should we let people deny their tribe before we accept them. If tribalism continues to grow very largely in our country, then there is the possibility of total division of the country's citizens and we can never come together as one to lift the flag of Ghana. 

In conclusion, if tribalism is not properly checked and curbed in our country, there is a possibility that our future generations will destroy the unity of our country and leave the country in complete despair. 

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