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Is This Funny Or Child Labour? - Mixed Reactions As A Mother Pushes Her Small Daughter To Do This

Some Ghanaians after coming across these pictures said that what the mother and the daughter are doing is very funny. They can remember how they used to climb mango, pawpaw, and other fruits trees at their childhood stage. But others said that what they are doing is considered by the laws of Ghana as child labour. Looking at the pictures below, the mother stands on a chair and raise his little daughter to pluck ripe huge pawpaw for her.

Checking the facial expression of the daughter, she might probably be between the ages of 3 and 5 years. In view of this, some Ghanaians said that this little girl is too small to do such a job for the mother. They said that the pawpaw is even heavy than the hands of the child; the decision was very risky. This is part of the jobs that the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the Ministry of Gender, Social and Children Protection always speak against.

There was a probability that they might fall down for any of them to get hurt. Others quizzes how some Ghanaians were raised, They argued that children learn from parents; pounding of fufu, washing dishes, cleaning the environment, cooking of food among others are taught at this age. So they do not see anything wrong with what the mother was teaching the child.

These harmless pictures generated a lot of arguments online that there was a lot of counter messages to explain why it was a good or bad decision on the side of the mother. Check out some of the comments of some Ghanaians after coming across these pictures:

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