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'The church should give us love instead of backing a bill to jail us' - Gay men pleads for support

On a couch, sat Darren Aboagye, a Ghanaian born American trained Computer Scientist and his partner, Felix Owusu, another Ghanaian born. Both from the Ashanti Region, Darren got a scholarship and moved out of Ghana at age eighteen and has since been living in the US state of South Dakota ever since. Unlike Darren, a resident of the US, Felix is just a migrant in the US. 

Through Darren, Felix moved to South Dakota and through his recommendations, Felix was appointed a Junior Supervisor at a wood company in Pierre. Felix and Dareen have been together for three years and has never regretted being together because of the love and mutual affection that binds the two men together.

Both men with a dream of moving back to Ghana some days have been faced with the pending bill hanging in the Eighth Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana. The bill becoming law after it has been passed will criminalise Darren and Felix activities as they cant walk side by side in public without being thrown to jail for up to five years.

We have already bought lands Tafo that we are building our home and a business on. We are both Ghanaians and would love to come home someday because that is our home. We cannot live in someone's home country for the rest of our lives. That is not who were are, our country should make way to accept us, we are also humans and just like a man and woman walking down the streets of Adum PZ in harmony and love. 

The Bible talks about love, so why is the church backing such a bill, Darren quizzed. The church should give as love instead of backing a bill to jail us because of our lifestyles, Felix begged. If Jesus came to die for our sins, then why can't we live in harmony without hating and destroying each other because we want man versus man, woman versus woman, not man versus woman only, Darren added.

Darren seen as the domestic partner of Felix is the male version of their relationship whiles Felix from the left, is seen as the female version of their affairs.

With wedding plans ahead of the two, probable by March 2022, the two had planned to get married in their home in Ghana after its completion, but the bill will send them to jail if they make such a mistake to do so in Ghana's lands.

Darren, the computer man had thought of opening a computer science school to train students from deprived communities at a free cost but he can it return to Ghana anytime soon and his dreams of setting a school to help some deprived students will be kept in limbo if the Proper Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values 2021 Bill becomes law.

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