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Latest: Asiedu Nketiah and other Ndc officials in a post-demonstration ‘trouble’ after this incident

The national democratic congress and their officials are facing a post-demonstration challenge. The Ndc demonstration was clearly organized to battle the economic hardships or problems that Ghanaians were having. It was also to throw more light on what is needful and what should be disregarded by government. The decisions which were made by government were regarded as immature and unnecessary by the Ndc.

The demonstration took place with the youth in their numbers storming the streets to make their voices heard. This was just the beginning as revealed by the Ndc with Sam George and the rest making some powerful and threatening comments to the security agencies and etc. The covid-19 protocols and it’s adherence is something the Ndc have accused the Npp or the sitting government about for quite sometime now.

However, they were seen in a crowded state paying no attention to the protocols even though they had earlier accused the Npp for doing worse. Speaking today, Nana Addo spoke about the increment in the number of cases and death. This sparked more controversies with others claiming they, the Ndc have a hand in this looking at the demonstrations they organized only to attack this government.

The arguments and allegations against Asiedu Nketiah and his people is regarding how the innocent youth are dying and becoming sick due to the poor decision by the Ndc.

Nana Addo spoke about how over 800 Ghanaians have fallen victim to death with ICU beds being short. The issue concerning the rise of covid is a serious one and fingers have already started going into the direction of Asiedu Nketiah, Sam George and other Ndc officials who massively organized this and rejected the Covid protocols.

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