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Yvonne Nelson Is A Ghanaian And Has Every Right To Speak Regardless Of Where She Belongs

One of the fundamental rights of every Ghanaian citizen is the right to express their opinion without fear or favour regardless of the political divide they belong to.

It is not for nothing that a whole chapter (chapter 5) of the 1992 Constitution is dedicated to "Fundamental Human Rights" and spelts out in detail the rights of every person in the Republic.

The late American religious leader and author, Gordon H. Hinckley once said; " every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation". In this regard, something is expected of every good citizen.

Some good citizens assume the role of leadership positions whilst others take the backseat, monitor events, and proffer opinions where necessary based on the situation or position they find themselves in.

I have noticed with a worrying concern how it is gradually becoming "a taboo" for fellow Ghanaians to criticise or speak their mind on some pressing issues in the country.

Ordinary Ghanaians and celebrities alike who have expressed dissatisfaction with the country's economic state have faced widespread condemnation.

A typical example of such a celebrity is actress Yvonne Nelson who continues to be vocal as was witnessed during the previous government. There have been verbal attacks on her person by persons aligned with the ruling party for her constant criticism of issues in the country.

Inasmuch as it does not really matter the party Yvonne Nelson aligns himself with, we must all be mindful that she is a citizen and it is incumbent on her to point out when she feels something is going wrong.

It is important to mention that she went through the same dilemma in the previous administration where she was constantly verbally assaulted for expressing her opinion on some national issues.

Ghana is bigger than any political party and we must strive to stand for her instead of being so emotionally attached to a political party.

Criticizing the government is not meant to make things worse but to make things better and that should be our ultimate focus as citizens.

Criticize constructively and reasonably for a better Ghana.

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